Leah Fischer: Backpacking/Hiking Tips

Leah Fischer is a busy professional, providing quality, tailored paralegal services to a variety of clients on a daily basis. A resident of the Bay Area, Fischer works hard to meet each client’s demands, and to fulfill her responsibilities as a crucial component of the firms she chooses to serve.

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When not busy in paralegal work, however, Leah Fischer enjoys the fruits of nature as an avid backpacker and hiker. As an experienced outdoors enthusiast, Fischer has come to appreciate the many little things that can make the average backpacking or hiking excursion much more enjoyable.

When undertaking such an adventure, it helps to:

Take Care of Your Feet. High-quality shoes or boots help ensure your feet are comfortable no matter what terrain you’re facing. Never skimp when it comes to hiking footwear.

Stay Hydrated. Hiking and backpacking are physically demanding activities. When putting your body to the test, it’s important to carry a reliable and healthy source of water with you at all times.

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Leah Rachel Fischer: Pivotal Moments of 20th Century American History

Leah Rachel Fischer has a sincere appreciation for and interest in history, particularly those events that helped to shape, form and continue to inform the progress of the United States of America. Once a student of Government and Political Science at California’s University of Redlands, Leah Rachel Fischer has long pursued the study and stronger understanding of the moments, movements and personalities that make up the American fabric.


The 20th Century, as Leah Rachel Fischer knows, was full of pivotal historical moments for the United States and her people. Though historians may debate which events had more impact or consequence, there is little doubt as to how consequential the century was and continues to be to the American story. Some of the more pivotal moments of the 20th century include:

–The Bombing of Pearl Harbor, considered the impetus for the nation’s full, unabated involvement in WWII.

–The JFK Assassination, which forever changed and shaped our views of the country, the presidency and U.S. government.

–Watergate, a scandal which took on a life of its own, and which led to the resignation of a sitting president.

Leah Rachel Fischer: Becoming a Better Environmental Steward

As Leah Rachel Fischer knows, caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility, as a healthy, clean and sustainable environment is essential to ensuring a healthy and more secure world that future generations can enjoy. Taking steps, however small, to reduce one’s overall impact on the environment helps to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, as well as to create an example for others to emulate and improve upon well into the future.

As Leah Rachel Fischer knows, there are many small but significant ways the individual can make an eco-friendly difference. Such behaviors include:

Commit to recycling

Chances are good that your local community offers several options for recycling metals, glass, paper and even plastic.

Perform an energy audit

Taking a few moments to determine where your home is wasting energy and where you can optimize energy use can help reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills.

Reduce water usage

Such behaviors as taking shorter showers and repairing running toilets can help you achieve a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Leah Rachel Fischer: Taking Steps to Preventing Animal Cruelty

As former animal rescue volunteer Leah Rachel Fischer knows, every animal deserves the opportunity to live a life free of abuse and neglect. As someone who has completed two separate stints as volunteer at the Hop-A-Long rescue organization, Fischer understands the role every individual can play not only in preventing animal cruelty, but for ensuring a better, happier life for animals throughout the country.


No matter who you are, there are many small steps you can take to help prevent the onset or continuance of animal cruelty. These include:

Reporting the abuse of animals wherever you see it.

Teaching your children to respect and be kind to animals.

Volunteering (when possible) with local animal care and rescue organizations in your local community.

Advocating and supporting legislation that promotes animal kindness and care.

Leah Fischer was a devoted volunteer at the California-based Hop-A-Long organization from 2005 to 2007, and in 2011.

Leah Rachel Fischer: Traveling Volunteer

Leah Rachel Fischer also a passionate volunteer who enjoys doing whatever she can to make the world a better place, and she loves travel.


“I traveled to a small town in Southern India called Kanchipuram in the region of Tamil Nadu with a group of [twelve] people and two leaders for two months,” wrote Leah Fischer. “We were submerged in the culture and interacted with locals on a daily basis. We built a school for impoverished children living in the community and engaged in classes every afternoon to learn how we can positively contribute from afar. At the end of our time in Kanchipuram we challenged ourselves to continue to raise awareness of the struggles that people in the developing world deal with daily.”

Leah Rachel Fischer: O’Melveny & Myers

Leah Rachel Fischer graduated from the University of Redlands with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Government in 2011. Leah Rachel Fischer quickly began her career and, by 2015, she was working with a firm known as O’Melveny & Myers as a litigation assistant. Today, she’s thriving as an independent contractor in the Los Angeles area.


“I assisted four (4) attorneys and two (2) paralegals with e-filing and standard court filings, trial preparation, and discovery,” wrote Leah Fischer about her time at O’Melveny & Myers. “I drafted correspondence and routine pleadings, proofread for grammar on briefs and motions. I also handled calendaring and follow-up with attorneys, organized case files and documents, scheduled travel plans, meetings, depositions, mediations and court dates. I prepared and submitted expense reports, invoices and timekeeping to bill to clients.”

Leah Rachel Fischer: Department of Justice


Leah Rachel Fischer was an intern in the Criminal Division AWT Internship for the Department of Justice in 2014. Since 2017, she’s worked as a paralegal on an independent contractor basis while she studies for law school, and she’s looking forward to taking her career a step further.


“[I] worked directly for Karen Bovarnick, Deputy Attorney General of the San Francisco Criminal Division- Appeals, Writs, and Trials office, primarily in researching certain legal issues and writing appellant briefs,” wrote Leah Fischer. “[I] read full transcripts of criminal cases, mostly involving gang activity and first degree murder. Took detailed notes, summarizing cases and depositions for Mrs. Bovarnick to use in her research and writing of appellant briefs. Assisted supervisor in preparing presentations of new laws to different police departments, including preparing PowerPoint presentation and assisting at the lecture.”

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