Leah Rachel Fischer: Becoming a Better Environmental Steward

As Leah Rachel Fischer knows, caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility, as a healthy, clean and sustainable environment is essential to ensuring a healthy and more secure world that future generations can enjoy. Taking steps, however small, to reduce one’s overall impact on the environment helps to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, as well as to create an example for others to emulate and improve upon well into the future.

As Leah Rachel Fischer knows, there are many small but significant ways the individual can make an eco-friendly difference. Such behaviors include:

Commit to recycling

Chances are good that your local community offers several options for recycling metals, glass, paper and even plastic.

Perform an energy audit

Taking a few moments to determine where your home is wasting energy and where you can optimize energy use can help reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills.

Reduce water usage

Such behaviors as taking shorter showers and repairing running toilets can help you achieve a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


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