Leah Rachel Fischer: Pivotal Moments of 20th Century American History

Leah Rachel Fischer has a sincere appreciation for and interest in history, particularly those events that helped to shape, form and continue to inform the progress of the United States of America. Once a student of Government and Political Science at California’s University of Redlands, Leah Rachel Fischer has long pursued the study and stronger understanding of the moments, movements and personalities that make up the American fabric.


The 20th Century, as Leah Rachel Fischer knows, was full of pivotal historical moments for the United States and her people. Though historians may debate which events had more impact or consequence, there is little doubt as to how consequential the century was and continues to be to the American story. Some of the more pivotal moments of the 20th century include:

–The Bombing of Pearl Harbor, considered the impetus for the nation’s full, unabated involvement in WWII.

–The JFK Assassination, which forever changed and shaped our views of the country, the presidency and U.S. government.

–Watergate, a scandal which took on a life of its own, and which led to the resignation of a sitting president.


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