Leah Fischer: Former Hop-A-Long Volunteer

Leah Rachel Tyrna Fischer, 27 one of the two  Oakland resident along with Auburn man and assistance of other agencies committed to preventing animal cruelty in her community. She was a volunteer for Hop-A-Long, an organization in Oakland that rescues dogs and cats to place them in loving homes throughout the city. Fischer was a weekly volunteer for two years and even assisted in maintaining a cat house in Berkeley, where several cats were living on a temporary basis. Her duties included “cleaning each room, sweeping, changing litter boxes, cleaning out food and water bowls, maintain each room to high standards for the cats/kittens.”

Claude Leah Ann at Giants maybe 2016

Leah Fischer, now a paralegal living and working in Los Angeles, continues to give to charities and help organizations working to end animal cruelty in the community. She works to try to find homes for adoptable pets, and gives regularly to help her local animal shelters maintain their ‘no-kill’ designation.

Leah Fischer is committed to community organizations working to make her home a better place.



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